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A rare perspective:

I felt drawn to understand the meaning of life from a young age. I have experienced many encounters that are not of this world as such I have spent decades researching alternative knowledge and 'forbidden history'. Initially in life I studied as a Scientist at Melbourne University, however I found this to be limiting and it did not bring me the peace and understanding that I yearned for. At 25 years of age I took a flight to India in search of answers. I met with the famous Guru Sai Baba and experienced a spiritual awakening and found the peace and understanding that I needed. Together with my wife Michelle, we have dedicated ourselves to 

Readings with Guy cover:

- Past Lives

- Galactic History

- Karmic Paths

- Messages from your Guides

Or you can book an appointment to discuss or gain support with:

- Healing through crisis or trauma.

- Secret Space Program Experiences

- Spiritual Teachings


A Unique Psychic

At a young age chronic illness meant that I experienced several near death experiences. This effectively opened my clairvoyant abilities, revealed the cycles of reincarnation and allowed me to make very specific intentions about my life purpose. With mental and emotional discipline, I was able to connect with many enlightened beings who taught me advanced meditation techniques for managing illness and how to counsel and heal others from suffering through wisdom and compassion.  I see all beings through their aura and my psychic abilities allow me to pick up information and feelings from the people in your life and information about those who have passed over.  


I connect with your guides as well as mine, to advise you in matters concerning:

- Love & Relationships

- Career 

-Spiritual Experiences

- Grief & Loss

-Past Lives

- Karmic Issues.

Michelle Dharma


 Psychic Readings with Michelle

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a first time caller - is there any guarantee if I don't like it?  Your first call is 100% REFUNDABLE. No questions asked. Just end the call within 15 minutes and text "Refund" to 0450 644 182.

Can I record my reading? Yes

Aren't readings just a waste of money, a scam? No. A reading is very valuable and often changes a person's life. Most people spend more on a new hairstyle that lasts a month or two. I am an authentic spiritual teacher, I have integrity - every reading is quality. Appointments are limited to maintain clarity and satisfaction.
What if you see something terrible in my future? It saddens me that many people have this unnecessary concern. Spirit gives wisdom that relieves fear, it also gives us tools to liberate ourselves from suffering. Unfortunately, too many psychics haven't studied spiritual laws and meditation, or they are modelling themselves from a Hollywood persona that is best left for theatres.

Are there any questions that I can't ask you? Any question will be addressed, however the disclaimer outlines my legal position regarding restrictions as Psychic services do not constitute or replace professional advice.  

How do I get Membership Prices?  This is an annual commitment to attend 1 class per week which is reduced to $15 per class. Membership can be paid quarterly at $150 per term.  All memberships also have an annual admin fee of $20.

Will I get charged if I go over time? Absolutely not. Phone readings are PRE-PAID and this is NOT a pay by minute service.  I am conscious of time, but if I go over by 5 or 10 minutes? That's on me. Also, you can extend your time during your reading here.

Is my payment safe? Payment details are processed via a third party secure gateway. So, your card details are not known by anyone other than yourself and the financial institution processing the payment. Also, we are based at the Rosebud Health Store, which is physical business located in Rosebud on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

Can I get a reading if I am not in Australia? Yes, via skype. 

I'm a Professional Psychic, can I have a reading with you? Yes. Psychic readings can be booked anytime for personal readings, however, if you are after further training in Psychic development please email me at for more information. 



STAR FAMILY CONFERENCE 2020: Tickets Available Soon!

Star Family Conference 2019 was a great success!

Thank you to all that attended and volunteered.

We will be doing it all again in 2020. Watch this space for dates.

  • The Truth about our Galactic History 

  • Australia's Forbidden Archeology

  • New World Order and Satanic  Agendas

  • Ascension & Activations for World Peace

  • Secret Space Program and it's slave trade

  • Starseed Missions on Earth and elsewhere

  • Interdimensional Beings, E.T's & A.I.

  • Past lives & Karmic cycles

Star Family Conference, Michelle Dharma Pt 1:

Clear Light Dharma Centre at Rosebud Health Store

Contact us:

All Classes and Appointments are at: 879 Pt Nepean Rd. Rosebud, Vic.  
Come and see us:
Vanessa (Co-ordinator) is at the Dharma Centre between 10am - 3pm Tuesday to Saturday
Ph: 0428609275

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