Meet the Team

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Guy is a spiritual practitioner who brings peace and wisdom through truthful communication. He is a galactic soul who offers fascinating readings that will put your current  life experiences  remarkabley into context.

Owner - Psychic - Teacher

Guy Dharma

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Vanessa is an experienced meditation practitioner with a love of community, family and spirituality. Vanessa co-facilitates Meditation classes and is available to help you with any of your enquiries regarding memberships & bookings.

Centre Co-ordinator


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Swami Layananda has studied under many spiritual teachers through various schools. She is familiar with Tibetan and Hindu sutras, mantras and has received transmissions that connect her to Deities. Laya teaches the art of devotion and yoga to connect you with your higher self. 

Ph: 0412 543 026

Yoga Teacher - Visionary

Swami Layananda

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Luise is an advanced practitioner and  intuitive messenger/visionary. Her professional qualifications are extensive, with over 30 years experience in the mental health field as a psychiatric nurse and aged care assessor.  Luise co-facilitates classes, conferences & workshops with Michelle & Guy. 

Spiritual Teacher 



Michelle is an inspiring teacher who has over 15 years experience as a psychic reader. Michelle has had visions of Saints and Gurus from a young age, she sees auras, chakra and receives messages from her guides for you.

Owner - Psychic - Teacher

Michelle Dharma

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A natural born healer offering spiritual intuitive healing, a Reiki Master for 10 years and Psychic Medium. Somer is a qualified Mental Health Practitioner who combines holistic well-being practises.

Shamanic Healer - Reiki  Master



Linda is a natural psychic reader, medium and clairvoyant with 5 years experience. She is a loving heart based practitioner who brings truth into every moment. Linda supports the grief process with mediumship readings (via phone) and is in Rosebud for readings on selected weekends.

Psychic - Meditation Facilitator - Reiki Practitioner



Michael is a natural healer, writer, meditation teacher and powerful Reiki practitioner. He has travelled to Tibet and spent time amongst many spiritual teachers and healers. He willingly shares his knowledge with others and is available for Reiki sessions in Rosebud on Saturday afternoons.

Reiki Healer - Meditation Facilitator